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a morning study

In the solace of the morning

When the world is quiet still

I lay my worries there to rest

Upon the window sill

As over peaceful, verdant hills

A golden sun will climb

I gaze upon the forming clouds

And look for silver lines

For as the storm approaches

And distant thunder rumbles low

I must hold tight to every light

To guard my fragile soul

That vibrant blue will darken

Swiftly into deepest gray

That looming fear, consume me

As sturdy treetops start to sway

The lightning tries to warn me

I feel the shifting air

And yet my bones stay settled

For I know I am prepared

I'll throw back all the curtains

And open every door

I'll run beneath the open sky

As heavy rains will pour

I'll let that tempest water me

Until I see it pass

Then let my growing spirit rest

For I know it will be back.

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