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a return

I crawl beneath my body

I leave my vessel numb

My soul drifts lower slowly

And to bleak void succumbs

It's quiet in these shadows

The world above me screams

I close myself up tightly

No choice but to retreat

My pounding heart, it urges

To rise up to the light

My shaken mind, it scolds me

To get back up and fight

This murk I've sunken into

Surrounds my aching bones

It lures me ever lower

And through my spirit grows

Please know I tried to climb back up

Return unto myself

Feel all that's good surround me and

Proclaim that it is well

But now my flesh is growing weak

For painful plights persist

The tug from that familiar place

I simply can't resist

I crawl beneath my body

I do so willingly

I sit in somber silence

And let the darkness comfort me.

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