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meet molly.

Molly Palmietto is a singer, songwriter, and poet from Springfield, Missouri. Molly began writing poetry and music as a teenager. What started as an expressive tool for processing and coping with the unexpected grew into a deep and enduring passion. Molly's craft has evolved over the years and she now writes, records, and produces her own music, as well as the occasional cover song. She often experiments with a variety of sounds, mixing traditional instruments with electronic. Molly continues to write poetry and typically includes a spoken word performance or poetry reading in her shows. (You can check out some of her written work on the "POETRY" page.) Molly has a heart for local nonprofits and businesses. She loves to see the Ozarks become stronger together and is always open to performances that will help contribute to this effort. She is especially enthusiastic about organizations or causes that support education, the arts, mental health awareness, and social justice. Molly's work is inspired by her ongoing battles with anxiety and depression. She focuses on the variety of emotions that make up the human experience, with the intent of building connections between people and creating spaces for open conversations about mental health. Molly is always excited to hear from people in the community, so don't hesitate to reach out for more information!

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Molly Palmietto

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