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the album is finished. // 2.22.22

after 12+ months of work, my first album is finished and ready for release. I've released singles and a couple of EPs in the past, but I wanted to push myself a little more with this project. Crystal Eyes will take you on a journey through a variety of sounds and styles that I've been wanting to experiment with for quite some time. from thought-provoking spoken word, to danceable synth wave, to somber piano, it really takes on a lot in just 10 tracks. I'm really stoked for you all to hear it. also, I need to give mad props to a couple of wonderful people. First, Andie Bottrell at Designing Indie, who did the photos for the album. she did just an amazing job capturing my vision and she was such a joy to work with. highly recommend. you can get more information about Andie and her services here. Second, John Bailey, who designed the art for this album. I've worked with John on some just-for-fun projects in the past, and he is one insanely talented dude. he did a killer job at taking my ideas and thoughts and capturing the album in one image. take a closer look at John's work here.

while the album has been submitted for distribution across various streaming platforms (including Spotify and Apple Music), you do have the option to order a physical CD. if you're interested in helping out with the production and distribution of merch, you can donate to my GoFundMe. $10 ensures you a CD and a vinyl sticker of the eye triangle logo on the album's cover. the GoFundMe will remain open until the evening of Thursday, February 17th. after that, CD's will run $12 and stickers will likely be $2-3. (remember, I do all of this stuff on my own, in my free time, out of my house, so there will be a limited supply of CDs and stickers available!) you can get to the donation page by tapping the GOFUNDME button at the top of this website.

once the album has been officially released (on the 22nd), I'll be taking some time over the next few weeks to share the stories behind the songs, too. some of these songs have held space in my head for years now, and they represent some very important parts of me.

I'd like to close out this little blurb by saying a sincere thank-you to every person who has helped out with this album, be that through a GoFundMe donation or volunteering their time and voices to record backing vocals. when you support an indie artist, you are truly helping a vision and a dream form into something real, tangible, shareable. one of the coolest things about being a human on planet earth is sharing connections with the other humans on planet earth. a lot of people have stories, experiences, thoughts, and questions that they don't often share, or can't always find the right way to share. my hope is that I can share a connection with you by molding my experiences into music and words that you can hear, pause, play, repeat, contemplate, hold onto, return to, in those moments when you forget that someone else on this weird planet has walked through a similar place that you're walking.

maybe then it will feel a little easier to navigate.


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